Welcome To Cedar Hollow Rose Farm.

rose_1We will have a large selection of potted hardy own root roses available for shipping across Canada and the US in spring of 2006.  Shipping will commence in May and continue thru until early June.  Own root roses are shipped in 4.5″ and 1 gallon pots to reduce shipping costs and extend planting time. If you are a hardy rose enthusiast be certain to bookmark this page and check back frequently for updates, or email us for further information.rose_2

Cedar Hollow Rose Farm specializes in hardy own-root roses and has over 200 varieties.  Our roses are propagated and grown on their own roots, which contributes to a longer-lived, resilient rose.  Own-root roses are particularly suited to colder climates where winter dieback can kill canes rose_3right to the ground.  Unlike grafted roses, own-root roses always produce canes of a single variety; the variety you ordered – no surprises!

These roses are a great addition to any garden which will last a lifetime and grow more beautiful with age.rose_4

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